The Nutritive Value of Ewedu Soup

Ewedu soup is a traditional Nigerian recipe mostly eaten by the Yoruba people, but is now a favourite of most other ethnic groups. Ewedu also known as Corchorus is a genus of about 40-100 species of flowering plants in the family Malvaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world.

Do you know that:

Ewedu is called Rama in Hausa, malukhiyah in Egypt, molohiya in Isreal, krain krain in Sierra Loene and mrenda in Kenya.Ewedu is used to produce soup (taushe) or mixed with kuli kuli (groundnut cake) to form a dish known as kwado in Hausa. Ewedu is good for weight loss because of its low calorific content and it helps strengthen the immune system, fights off stress and heart disease.

Ewedu is a folk remedy for aches and pains, dysentery, enteritis, fever, dysentery, pectoral pains, and tumors.

ewedu and okra

This green, leafy vegetable is rich in beta-carotene for good eyesight, iron for healthy red
blood cells, calcium for strong bones and teeth, and vitamin C for smooth, clear skin,
strong immune cells, and fast wound-healing. Vitamins A, C and E present in Ewedu
“sponge-up” free radicals, scooping them up before they can commit cellular sabotage.

One-half cup cooked Ewedu leaves contains: 1.3g protein, 0.3g fat, 3.1g carbohydrates,
0.4g fiber, 87.3mg calcium, 22.5mg phosphorous, 1.0mg iron, 0.02mg thiamine, 0.04mg riboflavin, 0.3mg niacin, and 10mg Ascorbic Acid or vitamin C. Ewedu has an antioxidant activity of 77%.

Contributed by Ebuka Ezeji.

23 thoughts on “The Nutritive Value of Ewedu Soup”

  1. From oral tradition I learned that where orthodox medication may not be always suitable for a pregnant woman, jute leaf will always be suitable and appropriate to be used for the treatment of malaria and any other diseases

  2. Adekunle Agbebiyi

    My contribution to the benefits of Ewedu, as a Rabbit Farmer, when my rabbit have delay in delivery, before I make use of oxytosin injection but later discover than I do lose some kits in the process so I change to the use of Ewedu. I do give my rabbit once the delivery date is complete and ever since then, my rabbit deliver safely without mortality again.
    The benefits embedded in that nature Ewedu is great. Thank God for the gift of the nature.

    1. Enechi Gilbert

      I am impressed with your comment on Ewedu leaf for enhancement of delivery for rabbits.
      Is it what the pregnant Yoruba women take that often make their child delivery seamless?
      Dr Enechi

    2. Hello dear rabbit farmer, can we connect pls. I am also a rabbit farmer, I will like to glean insight from you pls.
      God bless.

  3. Edidiong Hephzibah

    Eating ewedu is a good way to get enough iron as a pregnant woman
    That was what helped me when i was pregnant for my daughter Seventeen Years ago

    1. Marcus Onyemaechi

      Please is the leaf also good for insomnia? Is there any other leaf in Nigeria that can be helpful against insomnia? Thanks

  4. Hussain Kehinde

    My friend lived in London for 36 years with asthma problems. Without inhaler, he was nothing. He came back to Nigeria to settle down in 2019. I came to Nigeria to visit him march 2020. One evening, we went out as usual. He forgot his inhaler in the house. We rushed back home to pick it up. He was ok. I spoke of ‘Ewedu’ with him, that my grand mother used to give us ‘Ewedu’ on regular bases, as all purpose medicine., and in fact, she mentioned
    it was good for heart failure. We both started taking Ewedu together first in the morning before any food. Just give it 45 minutes before any food, except water. Ever since, March 2020. He has stopped using the inhaler, till now. It’s magic leaf.

  5. Emilian Falaye

    Please sir that ewedu you take every morning before food is it raw or cooked.and what do you do to the sticks. Do you also boil it and drink. Thank you. God bless.

  6. Anaele Emmanuel

    Pls, throw more light on ewedu in my case, I find it hard to dificate due to the problem I had in 1996,
    That year our septic tank got filled, we called and it was evacuated but b/4 d slabs cld be cemented it rained filling d tank with water, so the tenants agreed to bail d water with bucket and after doing that I ended up in d hospital for three months and that’s how the whole issue began, I can stay up to 4-5days b/4 I CLD dificate and it’s very hard, noisy stomach and bloated all d time, I was told to use Ewedu, but my blender is bad , so can I boil it. Can I get the same value when I boil than raw?
    Thanks, Mr Emma

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