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Did you miss the last Arthritis Support Group? Join us tomorrow;

A slipped disc is said to have occurred when a tissue between the bones in a person’s spine pushes out. Slipped disc can happen due to aging, lifting a very heavy object which could mount so much strain on the spinal cord. People who are #overweight and also people who live a sedentary lifestyle are also susceptible to developing slipped disc.

What are the Myths and Facts about SlippedDisc?

Join the St. Nicholas Hospital Arthritis Support Group this Saturday, as Dr. Mojekwu exposes the Myths and Facts on Slipped Disc.

Date: Saturday, 17th April, 2021
Time: 11am
Venue: Zoom
Meeting ID: 892 9009 2590
Passcode: 570373
The Orthopaedic Surgeon will also be available to tend to all your questions relating to bone problems.

2 thoughts on “Did you miss the last Arthritis Support Group? Join us tomorrow;”

  1. Waheed Taoreed Adigun

    I am a Spine Surgeon
    I performed a spine surgery at your reputable hospital last year March.

    I love your theatre and set up.
    I would have appreciate if I am given opportunity to be part o your winning team.

    Thank you.

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