The Pharmacy Department oversees medication procurement, storage, dispensing, and utilization throughout St Nicholas Hospital. Pharmacy staff play an important role in providing drug information to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Our Staff

The department is well-staffed with pharmacists, interns, and technicians who work together to ensure patients receive the highest quality pharmaceutical care possible.

Hours of Operation

The Pharmacy may be consulted about medication-related issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The In-Patient unit of the department provides clinical pharmacy services to all patients in the wards by reviewing medicine charts, monitoring drug therapy, and ensuring prompt supply of medications. We assist and work together with healthcare professionals in the hospital to ensure positive clinical outcomes of all drug therapies.

The outpatient pharmacy unit is responsible for dispensing medications and fulfilling prescriptions daily for new and follow-up patients in our various clinics as well as walk in clients.

Our Core Activities

The department carries out the following activities:

  • Procurement, storage and dispensing of drugs
  • Counseling of patients on drug use.
  • Provision of information on drug-related issues to patients and other health workers.
  • Training of student pharmacists on industrial attachment and internship.
  • Arrangement and presentation of seminars and clinical discussions on patient drug therapy and management and other drug-related issues.
  • Monitoring of adverse drug reactions
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