We have a new clinic! Diabetes Clinic.

In addition to the St. Nicholas Hospital Diabetes Support Group, we have also included a new clinic dedicated to people living with diabetes. This is to further serve the growing needs of our community by providing support to patients living with diabetes while managing their conditions with utmost care.

Diabetes Clinic at St. Nicholas Hospital

The diabetes clinic at St. Nicholas Hospital aims to provide patients with personalized information and the education they require to effectively manage diabetes. Our specialists during the diabetes clinic will regularly assess patients for possible complications of diabetes and ensure appropriate treatment is in place to prevent the development of complications or, when present, to prevent them from progressing.

The Diabetes Clinic features;

  1. Dietitian review
  2. Exercise sessions
  3. Health education by our team of specialists

The Diabetes Clinic holds every Thursday from 9am to 3pm.

Venue: St. Nicholas Hospital, 57 Campbell Street, Lagos Island, Lagos.

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